We have 4 halo v3s and wouldn’t be without them.
The halo is so suited to cats that it’s just like a normal collar and the cats don’t even know they are wearing them.
The customer service is second to none. Will get a reply usually within an hour if not sooner. The battery can drain fairly quickly if it’s on a short interval but we have found that if you make the tracking interval slightly longer then it will give sufficient battery life.
Definitely 5 star rating.



Really happy with the Halo collar for our cat. It’s been fascinating to see the range our cat covers and also to find out where he is whenever we’re worried about him! Any queries we’ve had about using the product have been responded to very quickly. Very happy to recommend this collar!

Jane O


Excellent collar for cat to wear. Light and comfortable. Brilliant for letting you know where your cat has been.
Always very prompt replies to any queries.
We have some issues with it not working sometimes but this is due to our patchy 2G mobile coverage. Otherwise great. I see a new vodafone mast going up near us so fingers crossed !

Catherine M


The only GPS my little cat is able to wear. There are so many other companies selling GPS intended for cats, claiming they have "the world's smallest gps" which is a lie. They are all way too big and clumsy for small cats.

PawTrax is the lightest weight and most flexible GPS I found. And I've been looking for a long time! Quick answers to support questions as well.




I have had three of these for my wandering cat. The micro, an S and currently have a Halo 3. They are far and away the best GPS trackers for cats on the market.

The Halo 3 battery lasts days if I have it "on demand" and is so unobtrusive on the cat. The app works brilliantly, and so does the web platform.

For anyone who wants peace of mind over the location of their pet, you won't spend money on a better product.

Any time I have had questions, they are answered promptly and politely via email, Facebook or Twitter.



Alfie would not get off lead with out his gps.
Read every day about dogs running off. If they all wore a gps collar they could quickly be found. 10 out of 10.


Bought a v3 after our cat disappeared for 2 weeks. He has it on all the time and it doesn't bother him.

Battery lasts around roughly 4 days and I just whip it off when he's asleep periodically to charge (which only takes around an hour or so).

We use with a global sim due to phone signal where the cat hangs out and it's great. I just text it for a location or switch it to track mode if it comes back with an old location and within 10 mins, I've located him.

Had an issue last year where the lipo battery wouldn't stay charged. Contacted Pawtrax, sent the halo back, they tested and replaced with a brand new one within a week. The unit was 10 months old at this point too.



I think this tracker is brilliant, I brought it for my cat, so I don't have to worry about him going missing ever again and if I am ever curious where he is (which I always am) I just text the device and it comes back with his location,

This tracker doesn't have a subscription fee if you don't want to do live tracking which is great.

I am about to buy another one for my other cat as it works perfectly and I don't have any issues with it.

Top buy for any animal owner, as my cat has gone missing before and it's such a horrible thing to go through but that can all be avoided but using a tracker!


Excellent product and great customer service.




Thanks. Such a great device. I hadn't got further than receiving battery updates which have coordinates included. We are in tracking mode now. Goes straight to Google maps. Fantastic Marianne Rasmussen



Outstanding service, my cat managed to break her halo, sent it to pawtrax and they provided a new one by return, great service. Now we can keep track of her nightly wanders. Craig Bell


Excellent customer service

Christine Knox

Had PawTrax halo less than a week and it's brilliant! Our new cat Mr Oz was getting adventurous and got trapped out one night so after getting him back decided to get the halo to avoid future stress. Only for him to start climbing trees. Customer support is amazingly good with instant responses giving easy to follow instructions that work. Love it.Brilliant piece of kit, M.H


every pet owner should have one, easily the best I have seen. Andy. Yorks

My cats don't seem at all bothered by it. It wasn't as big as I thought it was! Vicky (Vet Nurse), Southampton

What a fantastic device. It really gives me peace of mind. Steve, Kent

Your GPS Dog Tracker pinpointed my wayward dogs location to within a few metres. Thanks. Michael, Surrey

So simple to use and the commands are so easy to remember. Jo, Aberdeen

So easy to set-up, even for technophobes. Pat, Essex

I am going to buy a second one for my other cat. Anon, Berks

Your customer service is spot on, thanks. Paul, Lancs

I have been very impressed with your customer service and the product. Carolyn

Texted the tracker to check location and it worked perfectly, we're very pleased. Val, Dorset

I would purchase a PawTrax and a number of friends were interested during the trial. Rachael,Petlog(KC)