Best Dog Escapes on Camera

Dogs can try to escape for many reasons – including separation anxiety, stressful situations, boredom or the desire for stimulation – and in many different ways – such as digging under the fence, jumping OVER the fence, or simply running straight through a zone. Naturally, as an owner you want to prevent all of these possibilities from occurring.

That, however, is not what we are here to look at in this post!

Our purpose here is to take a look at some of the best – almost houdini-esque – dog escapes of all time, as caught on camera. Read on to find out more.

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1. Dog opens kennel doors by himself and escapes from animal hospital This pooch somehow managed to open the door of his kennel and then escaped outright through outer doors of the animal hospital he was temporarily staying at after a procedure. General, 10, from Virginia, can be seen in footage from the hospital's security cameras lifting up latches and turning door handles using his teeth and paws at 4 o'clock AM in the morning. Not only did this enterprising hound manage to escape from his extra large dog kennel, he also made it out the front doors of the facility. Fortunately for the worried family of this crafty canine, General was soon discovered by local animal control officers in a nearby neighbourhood and returned to his family.

2. Dog escapes locked shelter in search of previous owner, opening 3 doors A dog in San Bernardino, California, made a daring escape from a dog shelter in a desperate bid to be re-united with her previous owner – who had been forced to leave her there after becoming homeless. After jumping over the top of her six feet tall kennel fence, security camera footage shows Ginger, a three year old German Shepherd mix breed, then opening three separate doors and even somehow overcoming the locked front door by using the emergency exit. The dog's achievement is a testament to persistence, as the doors as known to be difficult to get open (and certainly for a dog) - Ginger stuck at it until she got there. Luckily, Ginger was found by staff a few days later not far from the facility. The shelter is now trying to find a new owner for this resourceful pooch.

3. Dog escapes from locked kitchen, again and again A perplexed dog owner finally discovered how his pup was managing to escape, repeatedly, from a locked, boarded up kitchen at their home in England. After setting up his laptop in the kitchen and recording the movements of the elusive puppy, video footage shows Bandit, who suffers from separation anxiety and had been locked up for his own benefit, climbing up onto the sink then scrambling towards the gap within the board placed across the pass-through to keep the pooch inside the kitchen. The dexterous pup then deftly wriggled his way into the tiny opening and made a daring escape. As can be seen from the camera footage it was a pretty risky business - it almost looked at one point as if Bandit might break his neck trying to get into the hole. After seeing the lengths his pet went through trying to escape from the kitchen everyday, Bandit's owner has now given him free reign of the house – and a good canine therapy session.


Contributed by Kent Foster

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