New Tracking Platform

For those of you who want to track your pet 'live' you need to use our optional web based tracking platform.

Our new tracking platform at is now live. Our old platform will cease to be available on 1/1/2018.

Any customers still using the old platform should contact us asap and request to be migrated to the new platform.

The new platform uses a secure (https://) server and is more user friendly and uses the latest technology.

It will allow us to provide some additonal features such as the ability to be able to send commands to your PawTrax (Halo and TAGZ) directly from the platform.

It will soon feature a Heatmap showing hotspot areas where your cat spends most of its time.

We have chosen a web based platform as opposed to an app for several reasons, such as security, platform independant and no need to download an app allowing anyone with the correct password to view.

Heatmap (Hotspot example

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