Getting a GPS fix with your PawTrax

Your PawTrax, as with all GPS trackers, will work best when its internal memory has built up information relating to satellites in its current location.

The more information in its memory-:

a) The quicker it can get a GPS fix b) The more accurate that fix will be

It can only obtain this information when the GPS chip is on

In mode 0 - the GPS chip is only switched on when a location is requested by sms - and then only for a few mins

In Mode 1 - the GPS chip is only switched on at the update interval time set - again only for a few mins

If it can't get a GPS fix in those few mins it will send back last known location

In mode 6 - the GPS chip is always on.

If frequent location requests are not made, or your PawTrax has been off for sometime, then his information becomes outdated or erased and has to be learnt again and takes time.

It is therefore a good idea to request a new location every now and again or better still put in mode 6 with interval set at 60,60 for a few hours.

This helps to keep the internal memory alive and up to date ensuring best performance and accuracy when its needed.

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