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New PawTrax SMART GPS Cat Tracker

Small and light 4G GPS Cat Tracker

Currently only available to UK Customers

What is it?

The new PawTrax SMART GPS Tracker will enable you to locate and track your cat. It is small (36mm x 17mm x 20.8mm) and light (19g) and is waterproof. You will know when your cat leaves home, where he's gone and where he's been.

How does it work?

After lots of research and feedback the SMART cat tracker has been designed to be autonomous in operation. Once set up requires little or no intervention from the user. There is no longer any need to change modes or location update intervals. The SMART cat tracker will automatically change its mode of operation and tracking intervals according to various conditions.

It obtains its location using four locating technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LBS - accuracy will depend on a number of factors) and uses NB IOT/LTE M to communicate its location to your smartphone via an app. Your tracker will come complete with an IOT enabled sim card.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Your collar uses an IOT sim to send its location data to our servers/app. There is a cost involved in sending this data. Your collar comes with an activate sim giving you free data for 90 days. It then costs just £15 per year for unlimited use.

What is NB IOT/LTE M?

Also known as Internet Of Things. This is a low power communications technology used to transmit small amounts of data using lower powered devices. NB IOT is currently being rolled out in the UK by Vodafone and is usually available from any Vodafone 4G tower. LTE M is being rolled out in the UK by O2 and is currently available in the East of the UK.

What makes it SMART?

When your cat is home the tracker connects to the base station (also the charging station) and/or your home Wi-Fi. The app will notify you that your cat is at home* and will send a location update either every hour or every 2 hours depending on whether your cat is moving or not.

When you cat leaves home* the app will alert you and you will get a location update every 10 mins or 30 mins depending on whether your cat is moving or not. These timings may increase depending on the amount of time your cat has not moved.

* Please be aware that 'Home' may not always mean that the cat is in the house. It means that the tracker is within bluetooth transmission distance of the charging station and/or your home wifi network. Transmission distances can vary for reasons such as walls, electrical appliances nearby etc.

We suggest using the base station as a bluetooth beacon rather than WiFi as WiFi uses a lot more battery power.

Can I Track more frequently?

Yes. When your cat is outside and moving, and the tracker is therefore connected to the IOT network you can either request a additional one off location via the app or an update every 10 secs for a period of 5 mins. Please be aware that the tracker will consume a lot more power when this is activated.

Can I use my existing collar?

The tracker will easily fit to any collar or you can choose to purchase one of our popular Beastie Band collars. Please ensure you use a good quality safety collar, one with a very secure and robust safety clip. A good one is the ROGZ collar. These have an adjustable breakaway buckle that can be set to a higher level of force thereby compensating for the additional weight of a tracker.

How is it charged?

The tracker is placed on a charging station which is plugged into a standard USB wall charger. There is an LED on the front that is red when charging and turns to blue when fully charged. Your collar will come with a charging cable but not the USB wall charger. Any standard Type A USB wall charger will work.

How long does the battery last between charges?

Depending on usage and signal strengths etc, the battery can last between 2 to 8 days.
These are the average times we found during testing. In some cases it maybe less depending on various factors including how active your cat is. If a cat is very active and spends the majority of its time outside (i.e.not connected to Home Base/Beacon and updating every 10 mins) - runtime can be as little as 9 - 11 hours.
Please bear this is mind when considering purchasing. However we feel that the benefit of being able to build up a history of where the cat goes over a period of time outweighs the lower battery run time and is certainly better than no location information at all.

You will receive a low battery alert via the app when battery reaches 20% capacity.

Additional Functions

Status LED

The tracker comes with a status LED that can also help you locate your cat in the dark.

Activity monitoring

Check on your cat’s activity level.

Smart virtual fence

You will receive a notification on your smartphone if your cat leaves your virtual fence area.

Location history

View location history in the app anytime.

Smartphone APP (Katch-U)

As of 24/6/21 the app is only available on IOS. Android version is still being reviewed by Google awaiting release. In the interim we will configure it to use a generic app that will provide the main functions. Please let us know if you use Android. Once the app is available for Android we will let you know and give you simple instructions on how to reconfigure the collar.

Details subject to change

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