PawTrax TAGZ 2 for Dogs

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New TAGZ V2 now available - now with led status indicators

The PawTrax TAGZ GPS Locator and Tracker for dogs large or small

What do I need?

1. Choose which sim you want fitted in your TAGZ.
The GiffGaff sim works on O2 and is usually suitable for most areas in UK. More info on sims below

2. Do you want a collar?
The TAGZ can easily be fitted to any collar with the attached split ring or collar bands.
We suggest putting your TAGZ on a secondary collar just in case your dog slips his usual walking collar.
We offer 20mm wide adjustable webbing collars with contoured Wienerlock snap buckle and D ring.
Please note your dogs collar/neck size in the comments box.
Available in Black, Grey, Blue, Pink and Yellow

3. Do you want the tracking package? If so then just add optional Tracking Platform to your order - see bottom of page

With this you can track in real-time at intervals chosen by you rather than just having a location sent on demand as an sms to your mobile. You will see a Paw print icon moving in real-time on a map. You can also see

Historic/realtime tracks.
We give you 1 month free access to our web tracking platform. You can either decide after that one month to continue or buy another 12 months now

More Info

Measures just 35mm x 40mm x 14mm

Weighs just 25.3g

Waterproof (Fresh water)

Standby time in excess of 8 days (approx 200 hours)

Locate Mode (SMS)

Just send the TAGZ an sms and it will send an sms back containing a Google Map link.
To achieve this the TAGZ requires a 2G GSM connection and a GPS fix.

You can then, if required, switch it to tracking mode.

Tracking Mode

Send another sms to turn tracking mode on and track at intervals determined by you on your computer or mobile device using the optional tracking platform. (Free for 1 month then £25 per year for first TAGZ - £5 per additional TAGZ))
To achieve this the TAGZ requires a 2G GPRS/Data connection and GPS fix

Your TAGZ comes with

USB Charging clip
PAYG Sim Card (GiffGaff/O2 or PAYG Global Roaming - 2G compatible)
USB Wall charger
1 month free access to tracking platform
Collar not included

All GPS devices have their limitations please check out our T&C's here before purchasing

SIM Cards

(UK) PAYG GiffGaff sim card - uses O2 Network - 2G

Cost per sms is 5p and GPRS (Data) when using the optional platform is 5p/MB (approx 1500-2000 location updates) - GiffGaff rates may change. Some sms messages sent by the TAGZ count as 2.

Alternatively if you expect your PawTrax to send a lot of texts or data then the £5 goodybag would be a good alternative you can swap from PAYG to a package at anytime

PAYG Global Roaming sim (worldwide - where 2G available)

Our Global Roaming Sims are not tied to any single network and will roam between multiple networks. This means that if one particular network has poor coverage at a location your roaming sim will switch to another network to keep your PawTrax connected.

For example, as the PawTrax tracker moves around the country it may encounter “black spots” or locations where one particular network does not have 2G coverage. In such a situation, SIM cards that only use one network would lose a connection so would not be able to send location information.

With roaming SIMs, this does not happen because the SIM will switch to another network to maintain the connection and keep your data flowing. Please note: even with the roaming sim a 2G GSM/GPRS signal is required.

Rates for UK and Europe (plus VAT)

We try to keep things simple with one flat rate across Europe and other zones. In the UK and Europe data costs £0.10 per MB (each location message is approx 500 bytes only) and SMS £0.07 per SMS. For full details of costs/countries Rates Table

Please note some messages sent by the TAGZ count as 2

There is an optional PawTrax app available for Android and iOS which makes it simpler to send control sms message the TAGZ

These have been developed by a 3rd party on behalf of PawTrax so a small charge is made to cover development costs

Android here -…

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