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Beastie Band collars as used with The Halo

  • They are made from neoprene and are soft and stretch along their entire length making them safe and comfortable to wear.
  • Fasten with velcro so they can be cut to fit any size of cat, from kitten to adult.
  • Each collar has an eyelet hole where you can attach a bell and name tag.
  • Collar dimensions are ½ inch wide and 12 inches in length.
  • White sections of pattern 'glow in the dark'

“I use these collars with my cats' PawTrax Halo trackers. They are secure and comfortable and easy to take off and put on and adjust. I was concerned the cats would be able to pull them off but they never have. They are stretchy enough though to mean that if they are caught somewhere the cat can escape.“ Greg.

“Best I've found for my cats - lightweight and secure. The cat that can get out of every other collar imaginable is defeated by velcro (maybe it is light enough to not bother him) but still fast release enough that I am happy my cats are safe wearing them. Combine the functionality with the brilliant colourful designs I couldn't be happier.” Kirsty

“My cats were losing their collars at a rate of one per week, sometimes even the very day a new one was put on. I've tried every different type of safety collar. My cats are boisterous and adventurous, always getting into mischief. Beastie bands are literally the only collars that stay put. They are obviously comfortable, one of the cats detests having collars put on and he doesn't mind these. They do cost slightly more than a lot of other collars, but if you are wasting money at the rate I was on other types of collars, they are well worth it, as they really do stay on and are much safer than other styles. I generally only have to replace these when they get worn and tatty looking through natural wear and tear. Seriously good, totally recommended!” Ruth

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