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Dennis keeps mistaking toys and people's belongings for prey or food and brings it home. The owner was amazed to see how far he went and how he finds his way back home! A great film and a lovely cat too! If any of your things have gone missing from your back garden, Then you know who to blame. View Clip

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Bingley Cat - Sad story about Spider

So glad he had a Pawtrax on or we would have never known!!

Sometime on Thursday 4th July our much loved cat Spider was shot dead by what is thought to be a high velocity rifle according to our vet.

The vet immediately dismissed an air rifle and commented that because of the sustained wound and the fact that the bullet passed through the cat it had to be a high velocity rifle and an illegal one at that. We were able to locate our cat via a PawTrax GPS Pet tracking device he was wearing.

As Spider had been missing for two days my wife Annie went to look for him and found his body in a disused barn on Walsh Lane. She immediately rung her husband Damian in distress and brought the cat home. It was then decided to route out the cause of death to see why a perfectly fit young cat had died so Spider was taken to Avenue Veterinary Practice in Shipley.

It was at this veterinary practice that the vet looked him over and concluded via x-rays that he had been shot with a high velocity rifle.

The police were informed on Saturday and are investigating the matter. I would advise pet owners in the Bingley area to stay vigilant as this sick individual might strike again.

My wife and I are both angry and devastated by what has happened. Spider was a small cat and there were no livestock in the surrounding area that Spider could have worried or attacked so the shooting was completely unprovoked.

If anyone has any clues as to who carried out the sick shooting then please contact the police immediately.