A Microchip is not enough

Afghan Hound with PawTrax TAGZ GPS
New TAGZ 2  for Dogs
HALO V4 for Cats
Cat with PawTrax HALO GPS tracker
if your pet is lost, a microchip is not going to show you where they are. With a PawTrax GPS dog or cat Tracker you can find and track your lost pet NOW!

Weighs just 25.3g

Waterproof (Fresh water)

35mm x 40mm x 14mm

Suitable for any size dog

Standby time approx 8 days

Weighs just 22.7g

Low profile

Ergonomically designed

Safety Collar

Standy by time approx 5 days

Locate by SMS

Track in Realtime

Live and Historic Tracking

Unlimited Range - dependant on GSM and GPS signal

Multiple pets and multiple users

Low/Full battery alerts


Locate and Track your pet - its so easy. Just text the PawTrax GPS collar and it will wake up and send you a text enabling you to display your pets location on a Google map on your mobile phone.

See where your pet is and where they have been. View live updates and historic snail tracks on the optional web based mapping platform at intervals determined by you. You will see a paw print icon move across the map. You can also view the platform on your mobile device.