Frequently asked questions

Tracker (Halo/TAGZ)

How do I obtain a location?

You can request a location to be sent to your mobile on demand. simply send the tracker the sms url,123456 and it will send a reply sms with a Google map link. Clicking on the link opens a Google map on your mobile showing the location.

Are they waterproof?

The TAGZ for dogs is waterproof, although do not get in contact with salt water. The Halo for cats is water resistant and will be fine for a cats day to day activities.

Can I use my own cat collar on the HALO?

Yes you can providing the buckle can fit through the loops moulded in the casing.
We did a lot of research when looking for a cat collar suitable for the HALO.
We found that the Beastie Bands were said to be one of the safest and most secure on the market.
They are made from a soft stretchy material (not elastic) that is comfortable for the cat and safe as it will not tighten if the cat gets stuck

Web Platform

Why do we use a web based platform rather than an app for locating/tracking?

No app to download so works on any device with web access.

Also means no loss of access following mobile phone firmware upgrade.

No reinstalling after changing mobiles


Where can I get the PawTrax app?

The PawTrax app is used as a means of sending the various sms messages to the tracker. It is not used to track.
The app is available for iOS and Android. It has been developed by a 3rd party for us so there is a small charge.
Just search for PawTrax in the applicable app store