How much does it cost to buy and run a PawTrax?

HALO for Cats


TAGZ for Dogs


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GiffGaff PAYG (UK) - includes £5 credit **


Global Roaming PAYG - Worldwide 2G


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Tracking Platform (1st Month Free) - 1st device

£25.00 per year

Each additional device

£5.00 per year

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First of all you need to buy a Tracker
Then you need a sim

If you want to track in realtime, view tracking history and set up geo-fences then you also need the optional

It's very simple to set up your PawTrax. Simply send it a few sms messages and away you go.

Or we can set it up for you

Tracking Platform
Set Up Service

Set Up Service

£5.00 per device

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Set Up Service

£5.00 per device

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** Alternatively if you expect your PawTrax to send a lot of texts or data

(when using GPRS with the optional web platform) then the £5 goodybag would

be a good alternative.

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