Note for Smart-Locator Users

The IOS Smart-Locator app can be found here

Please fully charge your tracker first.

This app will support all the main functions of the new cat tracker. There are numerous other functions in the app that are not used by the cat tracker.

Register and add your device. The IMEI number is shown on the side of the box. The SIM number is printed on the SIM card holder or just use 12345

The first thing you will need to do is to connect to your device via bluetooth using the bluetooth icon. Under advanced settings select internet settings.

Change Host IP to and Host Port to 6060 and Save

Selecting 'My Devices' will bring up a list of your collars. You can then select the required collar and view its last reported/known location.

By clicking on the target icon, top left, you will be presented with 2 options 'Single Locate' and 'Continuous Locate'.

Single Locate will request a one-off new location and Continuous Locate will switch on live tracking and request a location to be sent every 10 seconds for a period of 5 mins. Please note this function consumes a lot of power.

Setting up your Bluetooth Base Station

When your cat is within Bluetooth distance of the Base station (At Home) the collar will go into a power save mode and only update location every hour if the cat is moving or every 2 hours if not.

To connect your collar/s to the Bluetooth base station, ensure the Base Station is powered up and your mobile is within bluetooth distance from the collar and base station.

Select Bluetooth

Click the word 'connect' top right and wait for your mobile to connect by bluetooth to your collar. Select the appropriate collar , if you have more than one. Then Select Beacon Setting.

Click the + sign and add Beacon Manually, giving it a name and adding the MAC address which can be found on the bottom of the base station. Click the location button to confirm or adjust the location of the base station. Then Save.