Approx 60 dogs and cats go missing every hour

More than 500,00 cats and dogs are reported missing in the UK each year. That's almost 1 every minute. Animals are unpredictable creatures, especially if their routine changes; a new pet sitter, temporary stay in another home, new pet in the house, easily spooked, all these things can increase the chance of them running off. Don't let yours become a statistic. A PawTrax GPS tracker will help locate a lost pet. (source MORE TH>N/Sainsbury)

Why Choose a PawTrax GPS Pet tracker?

UK Based company (Founded 2009) Selling pet trackers since 2009 PAYG with no monthly fees Smallest Lightest PawTrax Halo - 21.2g PawTrax TAGZ - 20.7g Compared to others on the market P** - 31g T******e - 35g K***y - 50g N**o - 70g P******k - 60g HALO - ergonomically designed - comfortable for cats TAGZ - for dogs of all sizes and waterproof User has full control over operation (Locate or Track) User decides when and how frequently to track Locate by sms using any mobile Track in realtime on any internet connected device (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile) - no need to download an app

£10,000 Reward

A £10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/s responsible for the killing and mutilation of cats and foxes in the Greater London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, Berkshire, Sussex, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxon, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire areas. Contact SNARL on 07961 030064 or 07957 830490 and also report to the police on 101 Reward is being offered by PETA (£5000) and Outpaced (£5,000) #UKCatKiller #m25animalkiller

Check that chip

Approximately 7000 (yes! that's seven thousand), healthy dogs are put to sleep every year in the UK. If a stray dog is taken to a pound and is not get claimed within 7 days it will likely be put to sleep. There is now no single agency overseeing the handling and processing of lost /stray dogs. Make sure your chip details are up to date - ring the chip company asap and check. Some owners think a microchip can tell them where there dog is - it can't. Your dog needs to be caught and taken to a place where it can be scanned. It can also cost £100's to get your dog back - plus all the stress and heartache. Be pro-active and get a TAGZ GPS tracker - find them before they get lost.

The Big Walk - Canine Arthritis

Hannah Capon the founder of Canine Arthritis Management is taking part in a 100 mile walk in 8 days in September to raise awareness for canine arthritis with her dog Holly. PawTrax have donated a TAGZ GPS tracker so everyone can track their progress. Please help Hannah and Holly by visiting their website and making a donation.

Today is International Cats Day - Do dogs or cats rule your roost?

StartFragment A new tool that allows users to find out whether cats or dogs are more popular in their area was launched today. It also lets you discover what the top cat and dog breeds are in your local area. Check it out here : #internationalcatsday EndFragment

Keeping your dog safe

A few things to consider in order to keep your dog safe Ensure your dog’s tag contains – owner’s name, postcode, and at least one contact number. Ensure your dog is micro chipped – and that details are up to date Never Tie your dog up outside a shop Leave your dog unaccompanied in a car Leave your dog on its own in the garden Give out information about your dog to strangers Do Vary the time and location of your walks Walk with a friend if you are worried Increase your house security – a crime prevention officer will advise you Buy a PawTrax TAGZ GPS tracker

Cat-astrophe strikes for trapped cats

From intrepid moggies and fearless felines the RSPCA is on hand to rescue cats who have got themselves into a tight spot! It is a well known fact that cats can get themselves stuck… a lot! Whether scaling a 50ft tree with no escape route, squeezing themselves into tiny gaps, or falling down a hole they can’t get out of, some cats can get themselves into some very tight squeezes. They are naturally curious and inquisitive animals but some cats are better than others at navigating the hazards that may pop up along the way. On average the RSPCA receives a call to its National Control Centre about a cat every three minutes and receives more calls about cats than any other animal. New figures rev

Secret Life of Cats

Just found this old clip. Roger used one of our very early GPS recording devices.

2017 Cats Weekend

Love cats and want to learn more? Join International Cat Care and the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors for a weekend of fascinating feline talks! Day 1: Saturday 16 September iCatCare Feline Day A full day of varied talks from expert speakers including Vicky Halls, Celia Haddon and Andy Sparkes. Topics: From hospital to home – managing and supporting a cat with arthritis The super fosterer – how fostering cats can benefit their wellbeing The ultimate challenge – a stress-free vet visit Cats and wildlife Ethical dilemmas – ‘natural mutation’ or a breed too far? From hospital to home – care for the cat with kidney disease Ethical dilemmas – outdoor/indoor lifestyles, cat cafes and ot

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