The cost of getting back a Lost Dog

A DOG owner forked out almost £160 to retrieve her ’lost’ pet, which ran off for only a few minutes. Anne Dowsing, of Teignmouth, has branded the charge levied by a kennel, which looks after strays, as ’disgusting’, and claimed: ’I was warned that if I did not pay up, my pet might be kept and probably re-homed.’ She likened the kennel stance as ’just like car wheel clampers.’ Mrs Dowsing wants to alert other dog owners in the area to the high cost and emotional upset that can follow if a pet goes missing, however briefly. Her troubles began when Shadow, a three year old retriever, went missing from their home in Higher Brimley Road early in the evening. ’She has never done this before, and w

Is your dog an escape artist?

There are many ways a dog can escape and/or run away. Spooked by another dog, loud noises, jumps a fence etc. Some can do it on their own, others have some help. A PawTrax TAGZ will track down a wayward dog

Why PawTrax are staying with 2G

Your PawTrax device relies on a 2G GSM or GPRS/Data signal to operate effectively. "But isn't 2G old outdated tech?" I hear you say. Mobile operators in the UK might consider switching off their 3G networks before they dismantle their 2G infrastructure, according to a new report, which says the increased appeal and affordability of LTE in developed markets will cause many operators to redirect resources towards 4G. Researchers at Ovum say that although some GSM and CDMA networks are being switched off in the US and in Asia, it is unlikely that operators in developed countries will consider a full shutdown until at least 2020. 3G switchoff “For operators in transition, there are key revenues

Missing Pet? What do you do?

Lost Your Dog? What Should I Do ? Contact Your Local Authority : Local Councils are now solely responsible for providing a found dog service in their area and should be your first point of reference. They hold a register of all dogs collected in their area however be aware that although they may collect found dogs out of hours, you may only be able to speak with them directly during normal business hours. Contact Neighbouring Local Authorities : It is always advisable to contact neighbouring Councils as well, just in case your dog has wandered outside your Council boundary. Check Out Your Council’s Web Site : There will be useful information relevant to your local area and there possibly a g

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