You can turn on/off realtime tracking at anytime.

Log into our web based platform on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and see a pawprint moving in realtime at intervals chosen by you.

To locate your pet simply send the PawTrax an sms.

The PawTrax wil wake up and get its location using GPS and reply with  an sms containing a Google map link.

Click on the link and a map will be displayed on your mobile showing the location.

We have the
smallest and lightest pet trackers

Check out the video below


Check out our new PetWhere SMART GPS Collar for Dogs

Keeping an eye on your precious pets!

PawTrax gives you Peace of Mind enabling you to Locate and Track your lost pet - anytime.

A reported 500,000 cats and dogs go missing every year in the UK.

(Source - MORE TH>N/Sainsbury)

Don't  let yours become another statistic. Our GPS cat and dog locators and trackers can help you find a lost pet.


Pet Tracking? We've got it licked!

Coming soon - Our new cat tracker is currently in testing phase. Weighs just 19g. Uses 4G NB IOT. Uses WiFi/BLE/AGP/GPS. Email info@pawtrax.co.uk to request further details and get added to the mailing/waiting list.

PawTrax Halo GPS Cat Tracker
PawTrax TAGZ GPS Dog Tracker
We are listed on The Good Vet and Pet Guide

Email: info@pawtrax.co.uk
Tel:  07759 130866

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