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Our new TAGZ GPS Locator/Tracker for dogs is now available

32mm x 32mm x 15mm - weighs just 20.7g

Small and neat and fits on any collar/harness with a sturdy split ring. Can also be fitted tight onto the collar.

It is waterproof (fresh water).

Lasts 7-8 days in locate/sms mode

Check it out here


2G to outlast 3G in UK/Europe. Something to consider when buying a GPS pet tracker. Read more

 Locate and Track your pet - its so easy. Just text the PawTrax and it will wake up and send you a text enabling you to display your pets location on a Google map on your mobile phone.

View live updates and historic snail trail on the optional web based mapping platform at intervals determined by you. You will see a paw print icon move across the map. You can also view the platform on your mobile device.

TAGZ gets 10/10 - Dog World March 2017 - Read review

TAGZ on a Drone - Read review (Page 56)

Dog World - September 2014 - Read Review

Voted 'Best GPS Tracker for Pets' - Sunday Times In-Gear Magazine August 2012

One of 'The 10 Best Pet Gadgets' - The Independent September 2013

"This is Brilliant" - Ben Fogle Author & Dog Lover - April 2014

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PawTrax Testimonials

My new Halo v3 is fantastic!!! Greg

The 'pings' are incredibly accurate. Such peace of mind and general amazement at the technology and how incredibly nosey our cats are, the neighbours gardens have been very well explored, let alone the local allotments. Can not recommend this product highly enough!! Helen

The web platform is easy to use and is now a big part of our company. It lets our clients see where our dog walker takes their dog for a walk. paw-parade.co.uk

Molly is now lying in her favourite place by the log fire. She spent last night out in the open after running away when friends were looking after her. We were struggling to get a location from her Pawtrax but thankfully Peter Callaway came to our aid and help us get the GPS working. As soon as we had a location we headed straight out to find her and the location was spot on. Molly was all entangled in deep Bracken well away from from any path and would never have been found if it wasn't for her tracker.
I would encourage any dog owner to buy one and get Pawtrax to set it up for you.
Without it we would have no Molly!!!
Karen (Manchester)

Bleeding brilliant. Karen T

Works great with the app. John

I have just started using the Pawtrax S on my large cat and I'm super impressed. Love the way it picks up signals so easily as soon as my cat goes outside. Very happy. Kay

The PawTrax S really is super. The tracking & charging is brilliant. Plus led lights - genius. Kay

Recieved tracker this morning, all set up, love this product. Verity

Your customer service is excellent. Karen

Wonderful product every cat owner should have one. Kay

Brilliant piece of kit, every pet owner should have one, easily the best I have seen. Andy, Yorks

My cats don't seem at all bothered by it. It wasn't as big as I thought it was! Vicky (Vet Nurse), Southampton

I remain overwhelmed with the product and the updated mobile friendly tracking website is great. I'm so impressed I want others to know about it. VB, Portsmouth

The micro is easily the smallest and lightest available AN, Hampshire

What a fantastic device. It really gives me peace of mind. Steve, Kent

Your GPS Dog Tracker pinpointed my wayward dogs location to within a few metres. Thanks. Michael, Surrey

So simple to use and the commands are so easy to remember. Jo, Aberdeen

So easy to set-up, even for technophobes. Pat, Essex

I am going to buy a second one for my other cat. Anon, Berks

Your customer service is spot on, thanks. Paul, Lancs

I have been very impressed with your customer service and the PawTrax product. Carolyn

Texted the tracker to check location and it worked perfectly, we're very pleased. Val, Dorset

I would purchase a PawTrax and a number of friends were interested during the trial. Rachael, Petlog(KC)

PawTrax Celebrity Pets

This is Denis he 'steals' things on his travels and brings them home to his Mum. Here he is with his yellow PawTrax. We tracked him for the BBC's The One Show.
Go one better than Denis and get the new Halo weighs less than 20g.


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